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places to love: freedom tunnel
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I really love to travel, explore and see new places that are wildly different from each other in the world. Every once in a while I stumble across a place that I want to talk about because there's something about it that I like. There's no set theme like museums or whatnot; they're just random places for me to love.

So onto the first place...

Running under Riverside Park, the Freedom Tunnel is one of NYC's best "hidden" secret. While the city continues to grow in an urban atmosphere, there, underneath the ground, lies a piece of history left virtually untouched.

My interest in the Freedom Tunnel first started when my DNY professor told us to take photos of something that mattered to us. At first I wanted to do Bowling Green but after a while, something in me just had to go into the tunnel. It was terrifying though because I kept thinking that I was going to get caught trespassing and that I was going to get arrested and that my mother was going to kill me, but eventually (after much coaxing by my friend) we managed to get in.

I was a nervous babblefest the whole time we were trying to find the entrance in. It was definitely the most frightening part of the whole experience because we were completely out in the open where everyone could see us.

Signs told us where we were at what point in the tunnel.

A Pink Floyd tribute.

Peeling paint.

The Freedom Mural

A self portrait of Chris Pape staring down at me.

I took a lot more photos but these are some of my favorites.

A short video of my dear friend and I stuck in the tunnel. We were afraid that a train would come and spot us if we exited right then. Also, please excuse our lameness!!


gone gone gone
Sorry it's been a while! One of my friends convinced me to try tumblr and I got way too addicted to it :(
It's a bit of a different blog than this one; I guess you could say it's more personal.

Well, this is a pretty pointless post isn't it?

So feel free to look at my tumblr: http://thegirlwhocan.tumblr.com
the flies are out to get me
Friday, July 16, 2010

I've added flies to my growing list of things to watch out for.

There are a ridiculous amount of doors at the food court and every time someone opens a door, a swarm of flies come in. Now, I don't like bugs (I never have and I never will) but flies were nothing more than a nuisance.

That is, until this summer.

I may have gotten a bit too happy with the flyswatter because suddenly it seems as if every single fly is out to get me. I'm either dodging flies shooting at my head or trying to keep my food away from them.

Today, it went to a whole new level though. Now instead of flies coming directly at me, they're aiming at sabotaging me. I was pouring skim milk into a customer's tea when a swarm of flies kamikaze dived into the milk container!

And that is why I am afraid of what the flies will do tomorrow.

(Note: I might have exaggerated a little. A lot. It wasn't really a swarm of flies, more like a fly. And I'm sorry about my crude drawings. I know I suck.)

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¡Viva España!
Monday, July 12, 2010

And people said Spain wouldn't win. Octopus aside, I've always had faith in the team. I hear so many people say that Spain shouldn't have won this game or that game or that they were lucky, but you know what? Luck has very little to do with it. Spain won that championship and deservedly so. Why shouldn't they win? Because they're not a good team? Because they were victorious over other teams? I think anyone saying that Spain does not have teamwork needs to rewatch all their games. The fluidity and the way that they seem to just complete each others' moves all speak towards teamwork. That last beautiful goal by Iniesta also attests to that. Now I'm not saying that Netherlands doesn't deserve to be in the finals because they do. They're a good team and they should be proud of themselves for making it very far. It just happens that the better team won in that game. The tactics that the Dutch were using harmed them so much more than helped them to the point that they could only play with ten men. De Jong was lucky he wasn't sent off the field with that kick to Alonso's chest even if it was unintentional. Poor Iniesta got knocked down repeatedly. I like to call that winning goal by Iniesta his revenge. You could tell that both teams wanted it very badly but even with constant pressure and exceptional playing from the Dutch defense, Spain eventually broke through with its calm, collected and steady style, never panicking and that is why Spain deserved to win this championship.

With that said, better luck next time Netherlands. You had a good run.

Now onwards to the Spanish players! It should be illegal for a team to be this good looking. Now I find the games exciting and the Spanish eyecandy to be the icing on the cake. Look at my soccer men, most from Spain!!

Gerard "Señor Hunk" Pique (what a gorgeous man)

David Villa (I'm saving money for his jersey)

Well that's pretty much all the men that I personally am huge fans of. But huge shout outs to Jesus Navas, Fernando Torres, Cesc Fabregas, Carlos Bocanegra and Benny Feilhaber!! Mm, Bocanegra :)

Goodbye World Cup. I will miss you until 2014. What do I do with my life now?!

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90s child
Thursday, July 1, 2010
We are from the 90's with our faded sweaters our favourite song is "Who Let The Dogs Out"?
We played Oregon trail on our macintosh and windows 93'
Oh No! Yoko has a song called 90's kids with a remix by Teen Daze and of course, being someone born in '91, I had to check it out. It pays homage to the decade with a fun and dreamy vibe and I can definitely see myself belting out the words, "We are from the 90s."

Now I'm not saying "Who Let The Dogs Out" was EVER my favorite song. However, I do remember it very vividly and I bet a lot of other people out there do too. I did play Oregon Trail though. I always suffered injuries from mountain lions attacking or died from dysentery or something like that.

This, of course, means that I now have to list all that I can remember from my childhood!! I miss all the cartoons (I wasn't exactly old enough to be watching legit television) and the toys. The 90s was definitely a much easier time than the complicated mess we are in now. Or at least to me it was because the hardest decisions I had to make then were which toys I wanted.

What do you remember from the 90s?

We're the planeteers,
You can be one too!
'Cause saving our planet is the thing to do,
Looting and polluting is not the way,
Hear what Captain Planet has to say:

Captain Planet was always one of my favorite shows. I wish I could say that I learned something or took away something from that show but unfortunately I'm no hero when it comes to saving the earth :( On a completely unrelated note, Barbara Pyle said that the Gi, the girl who controls water could be Malaysian (or Japanese..)!! Did I mention that my mom is from Malaysia?

I know that there are a lot of people who don't like Furby because they think it's scary. I guess I can't blame them; it is pretty freaky looking and it talks and reacts to you and I think its eyes would follow you sometimes. I think if you kind of squint at them really hard and tilt your head a little, they'd look alright. Kind of like a really messed up owl with elf ears. I loved Furby though! I had two and a baby Furby. I would have them by my bedside all night and I took care of them like they were my own. But of course, sometimes they would get really annoying because they wouldn't' shut up and go to sleep when you want them to.

I remember when every girl was rocking these butterfly clips, especially in the fifth grade. The wings had free mobility so they would kind of jiggle whenever you moved to look like the butterfly was flying. They would also be glittery or sequined or bedazzled or whatever. I had so many of these! I'm still kind of wishing I had them now.. Not to wear but just for nostalgia's sake.

I kept sitting on my Tamagotchi!! It ended up breaking in the sense that the poor thing would never hatch and it was stuck in this permanent egg stage never to be a living electronic creature. I vaguely remember mine being.. doggish. Clearly, I was never meant to take care of virtual pets :(

It's time for Animaniacs... And we're zany to the max... This show taught me so much. They had so many catchy (but hard to say) songs like Nations of the World (that was a tongue twister!) and the Etiquette song. Two years ago in my junior year of high school I actually memorized the Presidents song for my A.P. US History exam. It didn't actually help me seeing as how there weren't any questions on presidents unfortunately. I also ended up spending the majority of the night memorizing this song instead of actually studying.

There's still so much I haven't gotten to like Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls and Courage the Cowardly Dog (wow I watched a lot of TV when I was younger) but then that would just be a 90s overload! I'll leave you with this video though AND my goal of the summer: to learn the Nations of the World song!

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I dislike fortune cookies

They're so bland and oddly shaped. Even though there are different "flavors" like chocolate, they all taste the same to me! They're not even asian; I don't think I've ever seen a fortune cookie in Asia, but that's just me.

With that said, the only reason I get fortune cookies is for the fortunes. I love the fortunes. I love how some of them don't make any sense. A while ago, I got one that said "The soup of the day attracts the best tie." What does that even mean? I thought maybe it was a typo and they meant to write fly. I'm not sure.

I love how some of them are so cheesy yet deep. This is my favorite one so far. I think it rings true and applies to everything and everyone. Universal. Because no matter what you do and no matter how small the deed is, you are affecting someone in some way. Maybe it doesn't mean the world as in the world per se. Maybe you can change one person's world. It's crazy to think that there are so many things influencing the way we live our lives without our even realizing because some of the things just seem so insignificant that we don't even bother to remember. And sometimes our actions shape other people's actions which shape other people's actions and it goes on. We can affect the lives of people we don't even know.

That's just my take on it.

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blogwarming party
Wednesday, June 30, 2010
I'm never entirely sure how to start off these sort of things. What does a person say exactly in the first post of a blog? Do I start off right away and dive into feelings or do I tell anyone floating around in cyberspace little, insignificant details about me? Introductions were always the hardest part of essays; why does it have to be the hardest part of this too?

I was on my way home after heading to the 99 cents store when I saw this cute kitten. Judging from the size of it, I'd say it was about a few months old, maybe six (see, the skills gained from my two-year stint at an animal shelter came in handy!). It was so cute, jumping at every little thing that floated by whenever there was a breeze. I stopped and played with it for ten minutes and I wish I could have taken it home and hug it all day.

I think the point here is to ramble and document everything I see that I appoint value to in my life. As Mark Twain said,
"I've never let my schooling interfere with my education."
Right now, I'm stuck in college with a major I don't really care much for but I know that it'll provide me with all that I need to survive and more later on in life. I hate the classes I'm forced to take; I'm neither good nor interested in them. I hate that I'll probably spend the majority of my life just trying to make a living when I'd rather be out exploring the world. I want to see everything beautiful. Even though I'm stuck here, the fact that I can still find pleasure in tiny insignificant things must mean that the world is beautiful. I think it's the little insignificant details that really make up something. I could be smart but there's another person out there that's smart too. What makes me different from that person? The small things.

So with that said, I think I'll end this entry with a song that I absolutely love, "One Day" by Matisyahu. Not only is it catchy, but it also has an optimistic tone, both musically and lyrically. If everyone listened to this song, and I mean really listened to it, there would be no more war. To me, it rings reminiscent of Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech because the hope that they both express seems to be eternal and universal. It can apply to everything in life, even though clearly the lyrics purport to something bigger. Whenever I hear this, I get this montage in my head with this song playing where I'm on a plane about to land and I'm looking out at the emerging landscape from the air all excited and then I'm in the back of a car marveling at the wonders of a foreign place and then participating in a cultural dance and eating local food at night and basically really enjoying the world.

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